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Evolution of eCommerce: from Retail to Social Networks; from China to the Western World – Part 3

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This is the final part of our Evolution of eCommerce blog series, so far we’ve looked at: Part 1 – Online trends in Asia – Blending social media with eCommerce, which highlighted the trendsetting culture of social media platform purchasing in Asia, and Part 2 – Recent developments in Western world social media, which looked at the recent announcement by Mark Zuckerberg concerning the integration of eCommerce into the WhatsApp platform. Now, in Part 3, we will discuss the challenges facing companies to ensure they become mobile ready, and future ready.

Part 3 – Getting ready for the changes ahead

Mobile eCommerce is not an option, it is here to stay, but is your business ready to take advantage?

Seek to deliver an outstanding consumer experience, this is the ‘be-all and end-all’, if your customers are unhappy with their shopping experience whether on your website, a retailer or a social network platform – they won’t return and the word will soon spread. Keeping mobile in mind is imperative in all product offerings and a clean, attractive image will always be the star of the show. The free eBusiness Institute’s Design Rules for Tall, Thin Packs provides guidance for tricky mobile hero images.

Excellent product content is the key to engage your visitors online and offline. In the online world, brands need to overcome the virtual world barrier, consumers are unable to touch and feel the product, therefore compelling product descriptions must provide sufficient literal and concise information. Read more about how you can Drive sales and improve shopper experience with Best-in-class eContent.

Ensure you have a full understanding of the platforms where your brands appear and how consumers interact differently within the communities and throughout their purchase journey. Understanding consumer behaviour is crucial, Ratings & Reviews provide a powerful tool that directly influences what shoppers buy and where. Find out more about Why Ratings & Reviews really matter.

Adopting a digital transformation mindset for you and your employees takes time, commitment and ongoing education, it is a critical determinant of your company’s overall continued success. Find out more about the eBusiness Institute’s turnkey Corporate Training Programs and how they can grow your company’s performance in eCommerce.

In conclusion

The future of eCommerce has already arrived in China and this is reshaping the future of eCommerce for us all. Brands must adapt their eBusiness strategy and break the silos even further, being ready to invest their money in excellent product content, outstanding consumer experiences, key influencers and community audiences.

This article was created and written by Luigi Matrone – CEO & Founder of the eBusiness Institute.

At the eBusiness Institute, we have extensive experience of working with numerous brands on their digital transformation. We understand the importance of an optimised consumer experience to drive your brand’s sales online and offline. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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