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eRetailer Segmentation – A Strategic & Targeted Approach

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  3. How can eRetailer Segmentation help your Brand Win Online?


With Global Retail eCommerce sales expected to reach a whopping $4.5 trillion by 2021*, the battle of online sales pitching is becoming more challenging and fiercely competitive. It is a strategic minefield littered with pitfalls which can drive down your brand’s credibility overnight.

eRetailer Segmentation is the breakdown into different tiers of eRetailers’ capabilities and functionalities, allowing brands to achieve maximum marketing efforts in a focused and cost-effective way. However, most retailer segmentations only dive into eRetailer and Store type.


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At eBI, we have defined deeper segmentation categories for a wide range of global eRetailers. By attributing the major eRetailers into 6 tiers and then using 12 different segmentation categories, this facilitates a greater understanding of each eRetailer landscape. This in turn provides a more strategically targetted approach.


eBusiness Institute’s Segmentation Categories

eRetailers Segmentation Categories


eBusiness Institute’s Segmentation Implementing Amazon

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eretailer understanding


eretailer segmentation solution


How can eRetailer Segmentation help your Brand Win Online?

We live in a mobile, digital world and eCommerce is undergoing rapid changes to fit into this new world. Consumers use computers, mobile phones, tablets, and voice enabled devices throughout the path to product purchase. eRetailers are improving their landscapes to suit shoppers demands by adapting their websites to fit the increased use of mobile devices. In parallel, they are experimenting with new technologies in order to simplify buying, improve user experience and accelerate delivery times. The challenge facing brands is how to drive and compete for share of physical and virtual shelf space in a cluttered and fractured marketplace.

It is imperative that brandsnot only understand retailer’s capabilities and limitations, but utilise these effectively in order to expand shelf space, market share and brand awareness.

Deeper eRetailer Segmentation provides real actionable insights, particularly how to approach and elevate eContent in order to improve the shopper’s experience, encourage engagement with brands and allow more mobile adaptability. This gives brands more strategic insight to look towards innovation and get one step ahead of the competition.

Brands must fight to stay alive on the online battlefield, or stay still and fall where they stand.

The eBI eRetailer Segmentation Tool can be used by your company as a reference model or eBI can provide specialised guidance to help you through the process. The Segmentation Categories cover a vast array of topics: Basic & Advanced eContent, Language Options, Delivery Specifics, Retail Digital Media, Segmentation Type & Platforms and many more. This coverage is essential to drill down into the specific and diverse characteristics of each eRetailer.

With eBI’s lead, eRetailer Segmentation can help guide your strategic planning process at eRetailer level in parallel with your wider business strategy, creating a stronger, more uniformed strategic approach.


Author: Amanda Wolfe – eCommerce Consultant Manager


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