eBusiness Institute is Not Doing Business as Usual

eBusiness Institute is Not Doing Business as Usual

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Luigi Matrone, CEO & Founder of eBusiness Institute is Not Doing Business as Usual

Luigi Matrone CEO & Founder of the eBusiness Institute will be one of the panelists in the OxfordSM forum “Business Not as Usual: Reset what you do about growth, now” taking place in The Conservatorium Amsterdam on September 27th at 1pm CET.


Background on the OxfordSM Forum

As customers become more sophisticated, the balance of power between suppliers and buyers is changing dramatically. This requires companies to find new ways of thinking about growth, one of the core competencies of the eBusiness Institute.

During this forum, some of the finest leaders from the world’s most successful organizations will be present to discuss the 4 main themes of the event: trends shaping the future of business, adapting the commercial strategy to the emerging trends, creating sustainable growth through new engines, and understanding the commercial complexity under this new paradigm.


If you are at the OxfordSM Forum, get in touch with Luigi to exchange views, or leave your details here and we will get back to you.

Luigi Matrone will be speaking during the third session, together with Bjorn Bernemann, General Manager of Pepsi Co Europe, and Federico Luna, Global Industry/Vertical Lead at Amazon; the theme is “Finding new engines of growth”


About the eBusiness Institute

Since its creation, the eBusiness Institute has been supporting Fortune 500 companies in their digital transformation journey by helping them grow their business results through eContent, Retail Digital Media, eRetailer Segmentation and eBusiness Academy.

Our mission is to help digitize, innovate and grow organizations to thrive in the most complex and fastest changing environment in history.

Surrounded by a team of experts in their respective fields, Luigi has been able to bring his vision to life, to facilitate the eBusiness transformation through knowledge, education and end to end support.

At the eBusiness Institute we are helping clients leverage eBusiness to their competitive advantage. Contact us to assess, guide, discover and implement your digital transformation and become a future-ready business.


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