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eBusiness Institute Profile

eBusiness Institute Team

One of the leading specialists in digital commerce, we at eBusiness Institute are starting the next stage of our journey of innovation and growth. We are marking this with the launch of an exciting and refreshing new brand identity.

Founded in 2013, eBusiness Institute was an early leader in eCommerce, working in partnership with major international brands to accelerate their digital transformation. Continually evolving, we have introduced new and unique services to our portfolio, ensuring that our clients succeed in the fast-changing retail ecosystem.

It is an ecosystem that is constantly changing, and in which the demand for digital commerce services has never been higher. In Q1 2020, eCommerce market penetration surged to nearly 35%; that’s an incredible 10 years of growth in just 3 months[1]. Rapid growth brings its own challenges, compounded by our world’s struggle with COVID-19.

At eBusiness Institute, we have always embraced change, and it drives the continuous development of our service offering.

Our exciting new brand identity was inspired by the human brain – left side logic, right side creative – and its remarkable ability to constantly adapt to the ever-changing world around it.

This fusion of constant learning, intellect and creativity represents our brand’s core values. By utilising both left and right-brain thinking, we can unify the two hemispheres of strategy and creativity, enabling us to forge seamless end-to-end solutions that create movement. This movement translates directly into the three practices we offer.

eBusiness Institute 3 core practices for digital success

Consulting Practice

We move business

Our Consulting Practice helps identify the right opportunities for your business, define a winning omnichannel strategy and enable you to implement it in order to maximise growth.

Our 5-pillar approach supports you through all the steps of your transformation; from identifying internal and external influences, to defining the way forward and driving change through the business.

Capability Building

We move people

Our Capability Building Programmes help to upskill all layers of your organisation, enabling people to perform with agility and ingenuity, and keep pace with the speed of change that we are experiencing in digital commerce.

Our 6 unique training differentiators set us apart; identifying and achieving the results you need while providing ongoing support to help your teams adapt to the change.

Creative Agency

We move brands

Our Creative Agency develops content that ignites movement across the consumer journey, converting sales and delivering a connected brand experience at every stage.

Working seamlessly with our Consulting Practice, we help brands to understand their consumer journey and build a connected content ecosystem in order to accelerate growth and win key moments and occasions.

The eBusiness Institute team

We think our team is something special; a collection of bright minds from the top tiers of both agency and client cultures. Diverse, highly skilled and bringing extremely high standards, our people draw upon their expertise and experience to forge together strategy and creativity into highly successful integrated digital solutions.

In conclusion

We still remain at the forefront of digital commerce, and as we guide our clients to adapt to change, so too must we evolve.

Our powerful new brand identity, inspired by the human brain and its remarkable adaptability to change, represents the versatility and intellectual power that drives eBusiness Institute.

Many leading multinational brands such as Nestlé, Michelin, Kellogg’s, P&G and Logitech have already benefited from our expertise. To see what they say about our services and to check out our new brand identity in action, visit our freshly launched website. Or if you would like to learn more about how our newly evolved services can benefit your organisation, contact us to speak with one of our experts.

eBusiness Institute

We create integrated solutions to connect consumer experiences, helping brands to thrive in today’s world and stay future-ready.

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