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eBusiness Institute and Lingaro combine forces to deliver first class digital solutions

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Knowledge is power, and using data intelligently to fully understand what really drives the purchasing decisions of your customers is priceless. As such, eBusiness Institute has joined forces with the Lingaro Group to deliver first class digital transformation solutions built around insights from factual data and analytics.

An acquisition to prepare us for your future

We are thrilled to announce that eBusiness Institute is being acquired by the esteemed Lingaro Group. Lingaro is a disruptive innovator in data and analytics solutions, helping clients succeed in the data-driven world. This integration, effective immediately, will allow us to maintain and increase our competitiveness and future-readiness, and to continue providing best-in-class services to our current and new clients.

Why has this happened?

As we know, digital transformation is moving at a frighteningly fast pace. Our mission, as ever, is to help our clients to keep up with this pace of change, and we hold ourselves to this standard as well. To be a good partner, we need to constantly evaluate our own business and service offerings, and to ensure we are well positioned for the future.

For the past decade, eBusiness Institute has been working with top multinationals to support their digital transformation journeys. In recent years, and specifically over the last 18 months, it has become evident that there cannot be effective eBusiness transformation without the correct data integration across our three practices of Consulting, Capabilities and Creative.

Today, the future is being constantly shaped by data, and we are taking a big step to expand our leadership in this area.

Who is the Lingaro Group?

Lingaro and eBusiness Institute - Lingaro is a disruptive innovator focused on data-driven transformation
Lingaro is a disruptive innovator focused on data-driven transformation. Image source: Lingaro

Lingaro is a market leader in the field of data capture and provision of analytical solutions. As such, they draw intelligent and proven insights from factual data, helping organisations to engage their customers more deeply and drive exceptional performance in digital marketing and eCommerce.

Lingaro is a forward thinking, customer-focused organisation that shares the same core values as ourselves, setting the standard for a powerful joining of forces.

What benefits will the acquisition bring?

By fusing Lingaro’s data and analytics specialisms with our own established expertise, we will be able to offer our clients the most powerful and complete digital transformation solutions in the market. Winning marketing and eCommerce strategies, best-in-class digital marketing and creative services, supported by building digital and data fluency within organisations, to ultimately provide first class customer experiences.

This integration gives eBusiness Institute the means to meet our mission objectives. To help our clients to transform, keep up and grow their business, we must keep ahead of the game ourselves and become future ready. 

It will make us a stronger player securing, not only our future, but those of our clients, and we are proud to take you with us on this journey towards greater success.

In conclusion. The world is changing and so are we

As we have seen, in the fast moving and ever changing world of digital transformation, our ongoing mission is to help our clients to keep up and ultimately enjoy greater eCommerce success. This acquisition by Lingaro will deliver everything our clients expect from a market leader in this field.

Our Founder and CEO of eBusiness Institute, Luigi Matrone, has this to say about our exciting acquisition by Lingaro.

We are excited to join the Lingaro Group, to support the next chapter of our company's growth, and help clients better succeed in a data-driven future.

Some things will stay the same

You can still contact us in the usual ways as all of our contact details will remain the same. If you have any questions or comments about the acquisition, please do not hesitate to contact us below.


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