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VES develops a new visual identity and communications tools for the Orchestre des Nations

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Antoine Marguier, the founder and musical director of the Orchestre des Nations, formerly known as the United Nations Orchestra, asked the Visual Excellence Studio , the content agency of the eBusiness Institute, to develop a new visual identity and communications strategy.  The Orchestre des Nations will host its inaugural concert at 8.00 pm on Friday, 15 March 2019 at Victoria Hall in Geneva in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The soloist of the evening will be the internationally acclaimed cellist, Gautier Capuçon, and the orchestra will be conducted by Antoine Marguier.

Originally created in 2011, the Orchestre des Nations is an amateur orchestra that reflects the spirit and values of the United Nations, bringing together trained musicians from all of the world’s continents to play symphonic music in a spirit of intercultural exchange.  The musicians have all studied music to an advanced level before choosing to embark on careers in other fields and include two consultants from the eBusiness Institute.

The eBusiness Institute is a leading eCommerce business consultancy that has extensive experience in driving the transformation and eBusiness growth of multinationals. Visual Excellence Studio, the eBusiness Institute’s content creation arm, creates powerful visual content using words and images that amplify a brand and engage the target audience.  Visual Excellence Studio has worked closely with the Orchestre des Nations in designing a new logo and brand color, developing a creative concept for the orchestra’s communication, designing posters for the inaugural concert and writing press releases.

Luigi Matrone, Founder and CEO of eBusiness Institute / Visual Excellence Studio, said the consultancy was proud to be partnering with one of the best amateur orchestras in the world and offering its marketing expertise for the orchestra’s relaunch as the Orchestre des Nations.  

“Our Visual Excellence Studio knows exactly how to energize a brand by creating powerful visual content.  Two of our own consultants at the eBusiness Institute are musicians in the Orchestre des Nations and we were thrilled to be able to make our expertise available to the orchestra as it embarks on an exciting new chapter in its history.  The new logo and creative communication strategy our team have developed will play a vital part in enabling the orchestra to broaden its artistic mission and to extend its musical activities to reach out to people who would not otherwise have the experience.”  

Pascal O’Neill, partner at Visual Excellence Studio worked closely with Antoine Marguier on the project and was inspired by the musical director’s passion for promoting classical music to as large a public as possible:

“Working with Antoine Marguier was an incredibly energizing experience and because of this we were able to meet an exceptionally tight deadline in delivering a new visual identity and a set of communications tools for the orchestra.  The Orchestra des Nations is unique in that it draws together a group of highly talented amateur musicians from all over the world who are able produce performances of exceptional quality. For this reason, we designed a logo that was completely different from those of other orchestras; it’s modern, outward looking and dynamic.”

Tickets for the Inaugural Concert of the Orchestre des Nations in partnership with Reporters Without Borders at 8.00 pm on Friday, 15 March 2019 at Victoria Hall, Geneva are available to purchase from:

Orchestre des Nations: orchestredesnations.com

Billetterie de la Ville de Genève: https://billetterie-culture.ville-ge.ch

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