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Could you improve the way you manage your Retail Digital Media?

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Your organisation’s Sales teams must improve their capabilities and master the fundamentals if they are to enjoy success in the increasingly lucrative Retail Digital Media channel. Learn ‘H.O.W.’ we can help them do so.

Retail Digital Media (RDM) on eRetailer websites unquestionably has the power to drive sales of your products online and offline.

By way of a brief explanation, RDM is digital advertising on eRetailer websites. Brands use RDM to get their products, promotions and offers to leap out at online shoppers when they’re browsing eRetailer websites and drive those consumers to their product pages

Over 21 percent of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing RDM on an eRetailer website like Amazon.

And we also know that basket sizes grow by 25 percent when online shoppers are exposed to RDM on retailer websites.[1] 

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Retail Digital Media attracts online shoppers to products when they are in the optimum moment of receptivity and most likely to buy – Image source: Shutterstock

Our years of experience in helping clients get the most out of the golden RDM opportunity tell us this: that RDM has the power to reach online shoppers when they are at the stage in the consumer journey when they are most likely to make a purchase. 

Investing in RDM is therefore an extremely valuable tactic that can help brands win online. If – and this is a big if – companies manage their RDM activity properly.

RDM – The organisational challenge 

So, we’ve established that RDM is a powerful sales tool that brands selling products on eRetailer websites should be heavily investing in.

If your brand is already fully bought into RDM, then that’s great – but could your brand improve the way it manages RDM? 

Do you think that managing Retail Digital Media is much the same as managing traditional digital media? Wrong.

A key difference is that every euro, pound or dollar spent on RDM is spent with an eRetailer, meaning that RDM becomes an essential part of the negotiation with eRetailers, and that any alteration in investment could potentially have an unwanted impact on sales agreements.

This means that RDM must be run and managed very carefully. Sales teams handling eRetailers should therefore be fully conversant with RDM and equipped to adopt media buying mindsets. That’s a really important starting point.

H.O.W. to learn RDM fundamentals 

At eBusiness Institute, we want to equip each function of your organisation with the skills to fly solo through the digital transformation. 

That’s why we’ve launched our H.O.W. Capability Building program, which gives leaders and their organisations the practical skills needed to thrive in the next decade. 

Designed to upskill Sales teams, our Mastering Online Retailing H.O.W. interactive webinar series will enable your organisation to rapidly update its eCommerce capabilities, leverage proven tools for setting short and long-term strategies, and – ultimately – achieve online sales goals.

RDM is an important facet of the Mastering Online Retailing H.O.W. Capability Building program.

We want Key Account and Trade Managers to understand the value of RDM as a crucial part of their discussions with eRetailers, and learn effective methods for including RDM in their negotiations.

In our ‘Introduction to Retail Digital Media and How to Negotiate it’ interactive webinar (which forms part of our ‘Mastering Online Retailing’ H.O.W. Capability Building series), attendees will master the fundamentals of RDM and learn: 

  • How eRetailers are transforming into media powerhouses 
  • What key opportunities there are for businesses to leverage such media assets
  • What best-in-class RDM assets look like 
  • What KPIs to look for, and how to negotiate RDM with eRetailers.
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Key Account and Trade Managers must master the fundamentals and learn effective methods for including it in negotiations with eRetailers – Image source: eBusiness Institute

Our Capability Building programs rely on a fundamental motto: it’s not just what they learn, but H.O.W. they learn it. 

Mastering Online Retailing – like the other H.O.W. Capability Building courses – is therefore highly practical and action-focused in nature, giving your Sales teams skills, tools and knowledge that they can immediately implement to maximise performance. 

In conclusion – learn from our RDM successes

We have been part of some real RDM success stories, with brands seeing excellent ROI and driving huge volumes of sales through the channel.

If you are willing to invest in building your Sales teams’ RDM capabilities and help them master the fundamentals, you will be able to enjoy significant success in this increasingly lucrative channel.

Please visit our dedicated Mastering Online Retailing page to learn more and contact us to discuss your organisation’s RDM Capability Building and training requirements further.

This article was written and created by the eBusiness Institute team

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We want to equip each function of your organisation with the practical skills and learnings required to succeed in a fast-changing world. 

Our Capability Building programs rely on a fundamental motto: it’s not just what they learn, but H.O.W. they learn it. 

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