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Amazon records $2 billion in ad revenue, but what does it mean for brands?

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Amazon reaches $2 billion in ad revenue

Amazon reported this week that their advertising revenue reached $2 billion. But what does this mean for brands? And which actions should they take?

Amazon’s advertising power continues to grow. The Seattle-based e-commerce company reported in its first-quarter 2018 filing that their ad business grew 132 percent year over year to reach $2 billion.” (Source: Digiday)


What does this mean?

  1. With an ad revenue of 2$ billion, Amazon is now an undisputed global media sales house.
  2. Investing in Amazon is a no-miss media channel to drive eBusiness in almost every category, for almost all brands, in almost every market.
  3. However, the risks behind growing RDM investments at Amazon must be mitigated by plans for improving RDM at Click & Mortar Retailers as well, especially at Walmart in the US.


Watch our 2′ video on how Amazon and Walmart compete against each other by continually investing in their capabilities and business models, powered by technology and changing customer preferences.


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Authors: Alexia André, Jordane Beller


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